What Were They Thinking?: You Can Shave The Baby Doll

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When we first saw pictures of the ‘You Can Shave The Baby’ dolls, we thought it was just another weird and inexplicable toy from Japan.

After doing some research, we found that truth can be as strange, and inexplicable, as fiction. ‘You Can Shave The Baby’ is not a toy that was actually offered to consumers. It’s actually the work of Polish artist, Zbigniew Libera.

Images of ‘You Can Shave The Baby’ are all over the internet labeled as weird or WTF pictures from Japan.

‘You Can Shave The Baby’ was actually an art object created in 1995 by Zbigniew Libera, consisting of a 10 sets of matching dolls, in ten matching cardboard boxes.

In 1996, Liberia created a very controversial piece of art in the form of  a Lego Nazi concentration camp, complete with skeleton Lego people. But that’s a different post for the future.

This guy needs some SERIOUS therapy.

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